Jabal Omar’s participation in the Hospitality Exhibition held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Riyadh hosts the Future of Hospitality Summit stands as one of the region’s most important events. It saw participation from various entities and leading companies in the hospitality sector, along with experienced individuals, to discuss topics aimed at enhancing the level of comfort and service in hospitality. Jabal Omar Company had the honor of being a sponsor (Emerald) and showcased its excellence at the exhibition, contributing to providing exceptional experiences for visitors. Jabal Omar Company aspires to consistently deliver the best in hospitality innovations.


During the summit, CEO Khaled Al-Amoudi and Asset Sector President Samer Sabra highlighted all the achievements of Jabal Omar Company. Al-Amoudi also participated in the summit’s closing session, praising the role of the Saudi government and its new systems that support elevating this crucial sector in line with the Vision 2030.


Regarding inquiries about the Foreign Ownership Law, which is expected to be issued soon, Al-Amoudi expressed confidence that it will undoubtedly enhance opportunities for foreign Muslim investors to finance and invest within the holy city of Makkah. He emphasized the need for the development team to be very carful about the engineering aspect and to focus solely on improving service levels and implementing successful strategies for large-scale projects in the holy cities.


Samer Sabra, the Asset Sector President, stated that as Jabal Omar Company, a key developer of one of the largest projects in Makkah, the company aims to integrate the hospitality experience with the market and enhance the hospitality experience in Makkah. It’s worth mentioning that Jabal Omar Company, as one of the leading companies in large-scale projects, reaffirms its commitment to improving hospitality efficiency to match the level of service and to bolster the kingdom’s ambitions in the tourism sector.