Jabal Omar project lives up to the sacredness of place and spirituality of time. It is where pilgrims and visitors to The Grand Mosque find peace, harmony, and content. The project is a blend of tradition and innovation which is achieved through preserving the Islamic -particularly Makkah’s- architectural style and infusing it with a touch of modernity. The project will offer a distinctive design, luxurious atmosphere, and a superb service that lives up to the holiness of the place. Jabal Omar seeks to offer our guests the comfort, tranquility and peace of mind that is worthy of Makkah while achieving the goal of developing the land and improving human lives. The project is composed of 40 towers situated on top of 16 structural bases with a total built-up area of approximately two million square meters. The project houses an array of hotels, apartments, residential units, and malls. Upon completion, Jabal Omar project will include a variety of five and four star hotels with the capacity to host up to 36,000 guests annually and in excess of 100,000 visitor during Hajj season.



The Jabal Omar Project is a monumental cluster of hotel operated apartments and units that allows buyers to invest in what is arguably the best investment on earth, based on real estate fundamentals.



Neighboring The Grand Mosque, Jabal Omar hotels believe that true hospitality is not only an essential Arabian virtue but also an attribute of good faith.



To complete your journey in Makkah, Jabal Omar provides a variety of premium boutiques with local, regional and international brands, as well as a comprehensive selection of restaurants and cafes that offer local and international culinary delights.


An interview with the CEO of Jabal Omar Company on Al Arabiya TV about the Ministry of Finance guaranteeing the completion of the third phase
Interview with the CEO of Jabal Omar on Al Arabiya channel about the issuance of the unified instrument for the entire Jabal Omar project
The announcement of #Jabal_Omar_Development_Company of its annual financial results ended on 31-12-2018 on Bloomberg
The announcement of #Jabal_Omar_Development_Company of the annual financial results ended on 31-12-2018 on CNBC Arabia
The announcement of #Jabal_Omar_Development_Company of the annual financial results ended on 31-12-2018 on SkyNewsArabia
The announcement of #Jabal_Omar_Development_Company for the annual financial results ended on 31-12-2018 on Al Arabiya
جبل عمر للعربية: نرتب لإصدار صكوك بملياري ريال
الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة “جبل عمر للتطوير” السعودية، ياسر الشريف دافوس 2019
Jabal Omar: The quarterly profits of the company came with the support of operational activities
الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة “جبل عمر” السعودية لـ عربية : قد نلجأ لعملية إصدار صكوك بعيداً عن الاقتراض

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