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“Jabal Omar” and “Al Arabiya” sign a strategic partnership to invest and market the media leasing in the Jabal Omar project

Jabal Omar Development Co. signed today (Sunday) a strategic partnership agreement with Al-Arabia OOH (Al-Arabiya); To invest and market the media leasing in the Jabal Omar project, which is one of the most important development projects in the central area of Makkah Al-Mukarramah.
The announcement of the agreement took place during the signing ceremony at the Address Jabal Omar Hotel in Makkah. This partnership follows the success of Alarabia in creating platforms and tools for innovative advertising campaigns, contributing to increased awareness of projects and brands, and attracting more investors.

The CEO of Jabal Omar expressed his interest in this strategic partnership with Alarabia to enhance the experience of visitors and guests of the sanctuary. He pointed out that Alarabia has a long history of success in marketing and operating commercial destinations and road advertisements. Today, we are working together to create a renewed and distinctive experience for our guests, keeping pace with the requirements of both investors and guests. He noted that there are societal and economic dimensions that will impact individuals in the community and the parties involved in this strategic partnership.

It is worth noting that this partnership reflects Jabal Omar Company’s commitment to innovation and continuous development, contributing to achieving new successes and enhancing its capabilities in the real estate development market. It’s also expected to receive great acclaim from investors and interested parties, further solidifying Jabal Omar’s position as a leading company in the real estate development industry in the Kingdom.

Jabal Omar Development Company, a major real estate developer in the Middle East and a leading entity on the Saudi stock market, is behind the significant Jabal Omar project. Located near The Grand Mosque of Makkah (Al-Haram Mosque), the project reflects the state’s ongoing efforts, guided by divine care, to enhance accommodation for visitors, including pilgrims and Umrah performers. This involves developing areas near the Holy Haram, offering both residents and visitors in Makkah a distinctive living and spiritual experience.

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