JODC wins The Best Islamic Finance Structure Award

Jabal Omar Development Company won an award for best Islamic finance structure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from Islamic Finance News. The award was granted at a major ceremony in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, in which major real estate development, banking, finance, and exchange institutions took part.

The 9th Ordinary General Assembly (Second Meeting)

JODC Board of Directors is pleased to invite the shareholders to attend the 9th Ordinary General Meeting (second meeting), which will be held, at 6:30 pm on Thursday 24/6/1438 AH, corresponding to 23/3/2017, according to Umm Al Qura calendar; at Makkah Marriott Hotel located at Jabal Omar project in Makkah; in order to review the enclosed agenda.

JODC announces that its Ordinary General Assembly Meeting was unable to convene

JODC announced that the 9th Ordinary General Meeting, which was on 26/5/1438 AH, corresponding to 23/2/2017, at Makkah Marriott Hotel located at Jabal Omar project in Makkah, was unable to convene; due to the lack of quorum. Accordingly, it was decided to postpone the Assembly and call for a second meeting

In the Framework of Prince Khalid Al-Faisal’s Initiative “How to be a role model”

In the framework of Prince Khalid Al-Faisal’s initiative “How to be a role model” The Secretariat of the Holy City and Jabal Omar lead the Makkah Schools Maintenance Project

In the presence of His Excellency the Secretary of the Holy City and the Secretary General of Makkah Region Development Authority, “Jabal Omar” announced the winners in the international design competition the first 7-star hotel and a residential tower next to the Grand Mosque

JODC announced the winners in the design competition for a hotel and residential tower entitled "Hosn Al Jewar and Fakhamet Al-Iqama” in Jabal Omar project, overlooking the Grand Mosque

JODC heads towards Profitability in the First Quarter due to the Rise in the Revenues

JODC achieved a net profit of 79.3 million Saudi Riyals in the first quarter compared to a loss of 75.51 million Saudi Riyals in the same quarter of the previous year.

JODC signed an Agreement with Tourism Commission to increase Localization in Hotels

JODC signed a cooperation agreement with the Saudi General Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, in the presence of his Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz

Jabal Omar Development Company launches internal-fire station

JODC initiated the internal fire station in Jabal Omar project overlooking the Holy Mosque in Makkah, in the presence of the Director General of Civil Defense in Makkah Region, Major General Salem Al-Matrafi and the Director of Civil Defense in the Holy City Colonel General, Mr. Ali Al-Montashari.

JODC holds the Preparatory Meeting as a Partner of the Davos Forum

JODC has attended a preparatory meeting in Geneva with the Organizing Committee of the World Economic Forum, on the occasion of signing a partnership agreement between the two parties. The Committee extended an invitation to JODC to participate in Davos Forum that will be held in January 2017

Conrad Makkah hotel – Jabal Omar pulls an experimental fire drill

has applied an evacuation hypothesis experience in how to deal with disasters. In this experiment, guests evacuated the hotel in a record of time since the launch of the unreal fire alarm.
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