A Saudi achievement that surprises the world with a unique architectural icon in the heart of Makkah… ‘Jabal Omar’ records the story of the world’s highest suspended prayer hall with a panoramic view of the Holy Kaaba

Jabal Omar Development Company, one of the leading real estate development companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul), announced the inauguration of the world’s highest suspended prayer hall in Jabal Omar Hotel, located in Makkah. The achievement has been officially recorded in the Guinness World Records, documenting the unprecedented engineering feat of this unique global architectural icon. Khaled Al-Amoudi, CEO of Jabal Omar Development Company, expressed his delight in presenting this remarkable accomplishment, stating, ‘We are thrilled to enter the Guinness World Records as the highest suspended prayer hall in the world. This remarkable milestone symbolizes our unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled experiences for the guests of the Holy Mosque, and it validates the success of our company as a key developer of the Jabal Omar project, adding value to the iconic ‘Jabal Omar Address Makkah’ hotel. With its exceptional location connecting the twin towers to Jabal Omar Address Hotel, the panoramic view of the Kaaba from the highest suspended prayer hall is a spiritual scene that embodies our pioneering role in serving the guests of the Holy Mosque and emphasizes our ambitious vision for a transformative development of the surrounding areas of the Holy Kaaba. The story of the suspended prayer hall began with the company’s strategic initiative aimed at creating engineering opportunities and architectural creativity through a competition launched by Jabal Omar for Saudi universities. Several students participated in the competition, and a team from the College of Architecture and Planning at King Saud University excelled and won first place by presenting a unique design and engineering solution. The prayer hall was designed between the twin towers of Jabal Omar Address Makkah hotel, one of its towering hotel structures. Jabal Omar always emphasizes the importance of providing opportunities for Saudi talents, nurturing their skills, and involving them in inspiring pioneering projects that showcase architectural excellence. The height of the suspended prayer hall is 483 meters above sea level and approximately 195 meters from the level of the Holy Kaaba, with a distance of 165 meters from the pedestrian walkway to the prayer hall. With its exceptional location, the ‘Suspended Prayer Hall’ offers a comprehensive panoramic view of the Holy Kaaba, accommodating 520 worshippers in an area of 550 square meters. It represents a religious landmark that aligns with the leading engineering projects that enrich the experience of pilgrims in the holiest places, providing a serene and tranquil spiritual atmosphere. This architectural icon was constructed using 650 tons of steel, employing advanced techniques and special equipment. The steel bridge was assembled for the first time at a height of 312 meters above sea level before being raised to its final level. Jabal Omar’s artistic vision ensured the integration of traditional Islamic arts with sophisticated and modern design, reflecting the company’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and spirituality that resonates in the heart of every visitor to the sacred place. The suspended prayer hall is more than just a physical structure; it embodies Jabal Omar’s steadfast commitment to excellence, innovation, and spirituality, which are central to the experience of every pilgrim to the Holy Kaaba. It represents a commitment to providing enriching spiritual experiences that enhance the journey of those who seek Haram.