JODC wins The Best Islamic Finance Structure Award

Jabal Omar Development Company won an award for best Islamic finance structure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from Islamic Finance News.
The award was granted at a major ceremony in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, in which major real estate development, banking, finance, and exchange institutions took part.
Yasser Bin Faisal Al-Sharif, Chief Executive Officer of JODC, received the award from IFN, in the presence of Faisal Shaker, Head of Investment Division, and Salem Kaki, Treasury Director at the company.
Expressing his happiness for the selection of JODC as the Kingdom’s best developer in structuring Islamic finance, Sharif thanked IFN for its objective, impartial evaluation of the companies that competed for the award.
He stressed that JODC’s winning of the award is a confirmation of the company’s commitment to securing its Sharia-compliant finance structures, adding that the company manages its cash flow according to a clear-cut strategy that is in line with the rules and standards of Islamic finance.
He reiterated that the company operates in accordance with a comprehensive vision for the development and operation of its projects, in cooperation with major hospitality corporations in the world, such as Conrad, Hilton, Hyatt Regency, Marriott and – most recently – Four Seasons.
Sharif said that the company is committed to achieving its vision in accordance with the highest international standards, making full use of its projects and achieving added value through every aspect of the project, which reflects positively on the company and its performance.
JODC’s track record is accumulating national and regional awards. Just recently, the company won the Forbes Middle East award for excellence in the real estate sector, among many other such awards.