JODC announces the Operation of Jabal Omar Hilton and the Main Convention Center in its Project in Makkah

JODC announces the opening and operation of Jabal Omar Hilton Hotel and the Main Convention Center (commercial operation) on Friday, 3/7/1438 AH, corresponding to 31/3/2017, which joined the chain of hotels operated by Hilton Worldwide in Jabal Omar Project in Makkah; and that is after the company has obtained the permits of the concerned authorities, and the permit of the General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities to run the hotel and the main convention center, and its classification as five-star hotel.

It is worth mentioning that the hotel overlooks the Grand Mosque, and consists of 20 residential floors, including 764 rooms and suites with a luxurious and contemporary style. The hotel includes a VIP lounge, a gym, and three main restaurants. The main convention center can accommodate 1380 persons, and 7 separate meetings halls.

The company would like to point out that this hotel and the main convention center are fully owned by JODC, and were not part of Alinma Investment Fund’s deal. The impact will start positively on the shareholders’ equity in the company starting from the third quarter of the current fiscal year.