Jabal Omar Participates in Cityscape Jeddah Exhibition

JODC participated in the Jeddah Urban Development and Real Estate Investment Exhibition “Cityscape Jeddah 2016” from the 2nd till the 4th of November 2016 in Jeddah. The company reviewed its journey in the development and transformation of the mountain into a series of international hotels and residential units; along with attracting local and international products and brands in the largest malls to offer an integrated and unique project in line with the spirituality of the place and the sanctity of the Grand Mosque.

Mr. Yasser bin Faisal Al-Sharif, CEO of JODC, expressed his pleasure with the company’s participation and sponsorship of this real estate exhibition, in which a number of major local and international real estate companies present their real estate projects.

He pointed out that during the exhibition’s events Jabal Omar will offer the visitors and those interested in the real estate field its leading development project, which is located just steps away from the Grand Mosque, and in its forefront the four hotels owned by the company, namely: Conrad Jabal Omar, Hyatt Regency Jabal Omar, Hilton Suites Jabal Omar and Marriott Jabal Omar. According to the executive program of JODP, it will be joined by another chain of the world’s most famous and largest hotels, as well as a range of prestigious malls and luxury hotel apartments that meet the needs of the various categories from visitors, Umrah pilgrims and residents of Makkah.

He also confirmed that Jabal Omar project has a competitive advantage; as it is near the Grand Mosque, and it combines between authenticity and modernity by maintaining Makkah and Islamic architecture style with modern touches; as it is characterized by its unique design, its luxurious contents, and the provision of special services consistent with the sanctity of the place and the recalling of the old times to make the guests feel comfortable, peaceful and calm, which suits Makkah’s position. He pointed out that the project’s form and content contribute to the comfort of the visitors, pilgrims and Umrah pilgrims, as it includes a variety of international hotels with heights ranging between 20 and 40 floors. He added that the exhibition will introduce the residential units that will be offered for ownership according to the diversity of spaces and views on the Grand Mosque and the Holy Kaaba, which suit the various investment segments.