Jabal Omar Development Company Co-Sponsors Second Fawanees Makkah Festival

Jabal Omar Development Company has co-sponsored the second edition of the Fawanees Makkah festival held during the holy month of Ramadan. The festival, which was inaugurated by the Under-Secretary of Makkah Dr. Hisham bin Abdul Rahman, was organized by the Makkah Chamber of Commerce and took place throughout 15-25 May 2019.

The second Fawanees Makkah festival targets Makkah residents and visitors during the holy month through a unique variety of programs and events, with a special focus on young entrepreneurs invested in food trucks.

Jabal Omar Development Company seeks to support all national festivals, especially those held in Makkah, in order to support national initiatives and as part of the company’s community service programs, as this heritage festival supports productive families through their participation in showcasing and selling their products to visitors.

For his part, Chairman of the Makkah Chamber of Commerce Mr. Hisham bin Mohammed Kaaki expressed his appreciation to Jabal Omar Development Company for its continued support of the chamber’s activities and forums; praising the partnership between both parties and encouraging other national companies to participate in these initiatives.