Honoring Jabal Omar Development Company

The Executive Director of the Disabled Children Association, Dr. Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al-Tamimi, honored Jabal Omar Development Company for its support to the charitable programs that contribute to achieving the goals of the association, during its annual ceremony to honor the sponsors and supporters that took place in Riyadh.
The company is proud of this honor and the established partnership with the association, and at the same time affirms its keenness to provide support and assistance to the association’s programs within the framework of its permanent commitment to this category that is dear to our hearts within its social responsibility.
Since the establishment of the company, it has set itself to take the leading role in achieving the strategic partnership and qualitative support by the business sector for civil society institutions, governmental bodies and charitable societies. The company actively participated in promoting the concept of partnership and synergy, which had a great role in the success of the programs and goals of these charities.
The honor of Jabal Omar Development Company as a partner for a number of the association’s activities came within the framework of its social responsibility programs and its great interest in social and humanitarian issues in the Kingdom. The company had implemented several community initiatives that included many areas, activities and programs of the association, particularly in Makkah region.