Jabal Omar Development Company invites its shareholders to attend the 13th Ordinary General Assembly Meeting (The First Meeting) by means of modern technology

The Board of Directors of Jabal Omar Development Company are pleased to invite the shareholders to attend the Ordinary General Assembly meeting of the company, which will be conducted virtually via Tadawulaty Platform.
City and Location of the General Assembly’s Meeting Makkah – the company’s headquarters- by Means of Modern Technology
URL for the Meeting Location
Date of the General Assembly’s Meeting
2023-06-22 Corresponding to 1444-12-04
Time of the General Assembly’s Meeting
Attendance Eligibility
Shareholders who are registered in the issuers shareholders record at the Depositary Center by the end of the trade session prior to the general assembly meeting and in accordance with the laws and regulations. The shareholder has the right to delegate whomever other than the board of directors.
Quorum for Convening the General Assembly’s Meeting
For the validity of this general assembly meeting the presence of shareholders representing at least half of the company’s capital is required. If the necessary quorum for holding this meeting is not available, the second meeting shall be held an hour after the end of the period specified for convening the first meeting. and the second meeting will be valid regardless of the number of shares represented therein.
General Assembly Meeting Agenda
Proxy Form
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The shareholder right in discussing the assembly agenda topics, asking questions, and exercising the voting right. (Mentioning the E-Voting details, if any)
The voting on the agenda items of the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting will be made electronically through Tadawulaty, which will start on Sunday, 29-11-1444 Corresponding to 18-6-2023, 01:00 A.M. and shall end at the closure of the General Assembly Meeting. Registration and voting shall be available free of charge in Tadawulaty services for all shareholders by using the following link:

Eligibility for Attendance Registration and Voting
Eligibility for Registering the Attendance of the General Assembly’s Meeting Ends upon the Convenience of the General Assembly’s Meeting. Eligibility for Voting on the Business of the Meeting Agenda Ends upon the Counting Committee Concludes Counting the Votes
Method of Communication
For any inquiries, please call 0125106100 Ex: 3201

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Other Disclosures

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