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The Highest Suspended Musala In The World Will Soon Rise In Makkah

Unique architectural landmark embodies the vision of Jabal Omar Development Company to enhance hospitality services for the guests of Allah

MAKKAH, October 2019: Jabal Omar Development Company (JODC) has inaugurated the Suspended Musala, the highest suspended place of prayer in the world. The Suspended Musala is located between the two highest towers in the Jabal Omar Project in Makkah, with panoramic views of the Holy Mosque and the Kaaba.
The Musala is the most distinguished among several innovative projects and initiatives providing outstanding levels of hospitality services and convenience for pilgrims seeking an elevating experience that fulfills their spiritual needs and exceeds their highest expectations.
The Suspended Musala internal area is approximately 520 square meters and can accommodate over 200 worshipers. It will form a 38-meter length and a 15.5 -meter wide bridge between the two towers. It will also embrace the gate leading to the Al Haramain Express train station at the end of King Abdul Aziz Road in the Holy Capital.
The projected Suspended Musala is built of steel structure skeleton and reinforced concrete treated with fireproof coating and includes two large arches and featured with Islamic ornaments. The implementation of the first stage was based on assembling the Musala structure on the ground and then it was lifted where it has reached its final position at a height of 161 meters. The remaining parts will be lifted in several stages.
The Suspended Musala includes the main prayer platform, which will be an extension to the Holy Mosque, however, elevated on a level of 165 m above the underneath pedestrian radial spine, and will include an electromechanical services room and the building maintenance unit for cleaning and maintenance works.
Jabal Omar is regarded as one of the most important integrated real estate development projects within walking distance of the Holy Mosque. The entire development contributes to supporting of the efforts of the state, may Allah preserve it, to raise the capacity of the Holy Mosque in view of the increasing numbers of Hajj and Umrah pilgrims.
It also contributes to the development of areas overlooking the Holy Mosque which aims to give visitors and residents of Makkah a unique living and spiritual experience, and out of this principle came the idea of the Suspended Musala, to enrich the company’s mission to offer the best levels of services for the guests of Allah.
The implementation of this unique project was based on assembling the Musala structure, which weighs in this first stage 270 tons, on the ground by means of a tower crane moving on a rail that is installed on the Pedestrian Radial Spine located between the two Towers and passing underneath the suspended Musala. The Musala structure was then lifted to its location 161 meters above the ground by means of four computer-operated Hydraulic Jacks/ cranes that were installed on the roofs of the two towers to provide complete computerized and accurate control of the Musala during the lifting and installation operations. An independent Hydraulic Jacks will be used to lift the arches weighing each 52 tons and install them beneath the Musala structure one by one, such computerized lifting control will enhance the standards of safety and accuracy.
In order to ensure the best results and the highest standards of quality, the Suspended Musala development team used a modern smart computer program to help prepare the final modelling of the Musala, including details of the types and dimensions of the used steel elements for the bridge and the arches.
In support of the nation’s young talents and the spread of architectural beauty, the company organized an initiative to promote the spirit of innovation and creativity through the Jabal Omar Contest for the Interior Design of the Musala, with the participation of a number of interior design colleges in the Saudi universities.
The contest is seen as a social initiative that supports students in refining their talents and developing their abilities in a way that enables them to generate more innovative works and top technical designs in future projects. The initiative also aims at qualifying the students and help them join the labor market, enabling them to positively participate with other Saudi talents to serve our beloved country.
Jabal Omar Development Company has a distinguished role in contributing to enriching the real estate landscape in Makkah through the development of the Jabal Omar Front overlooking the Holy Mosque. The multi-use project includes 40 hotel and luxury residential towers, malls, souks and a variety of dining options.

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